Welccome to Overclock


OVERCLOCK is a new band from Germany. Per chance they came into this constellation in early 2016.

Historically four of the five members were already playing music for decades starting in 1994. Been growing musically in the nineties - with the new-metal Stars of this era - their sound was inspired by these influences. After several successful years with lots of touring, some Videoproductions, TV appearances and two Studioalbums they splitted up in 2003 temporarily.


In 2016 the time had come to reunite after various solo- and cover-projects with a new Singer on board to create a fresh repertoire. A new style had to be found and without hesitation OVERCLOCK was founded.

The goal was writing varied songs as well as creating a wide sound- and mood-spectrum inspired by this incredible voice.

After one year of songwriting, they finished 15 songs for a first album. This wants to be presented to the musical world on October the 20th 2017. Available as digital download and physical CD in stores.

The genre is settled at alternative metal with a progressive feel and melodic vocal lines that will definitely pick ears up.